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Tucson Cortiva To Host MM Courses and 2009 Teacher Training

Continuing Education

For The

Next Generation Bodyworker

January 10-15, 2009

Cortiva Institute Tucson

Incentives for registering before January 1.

N C B T M B # 396103-00 counts toward AZ State CE hours.

Register by phone: 623-670-0442. Register by email by assembling this address; at gmail dot com, healing brain (all one word)

2009 marks seven years of Melting Muscles training!  Please join Patrick Moore in beautiful Tucson, Arizona for one or all of these courses January 10th through 15th, 2009.    

  • 1/10/09  /Melting Muscles Upper Body Massage / 9:00am - 5:00pm / 7 hours / $125 / includes e-book

  • 1/11/09 / Melting Muscles Lower Body Massage  / 9:00am - 5:00pm / 7 hours / $125 / includes e-book

  • 1/12/09 / Atlas & Axis Advanced Melting Muscles Treatment  / 9:00am - 5:00pm / 7 hours / $140 / includes e-book

  • 1/13/09 / Unwinding Muscles  / 9:00am - 5:00pm / 7 hours / $140 / includes e-handouts

  • 1/14/09 /  Ethics - Creating Equal Relationships  / 9:00am - 4:00pm / 6 hours / $90 / Fulfills NCBTMB Standard V requirement 

  • 1/15/09 / Melting Muscles Teacher Training  / 9:00am - 6:00pm / 8 hours / $160 / prerequisites: all above classes / includes teacher's edition e-book
CE hours:  The above courses are NCBTMB approved which covers State of Arizona and many other State requirements.  To verify, go to NCBTMB and enter "Patrick Moore" or the provider number 396103-00.   Location: These courses will be held at Cortiva Institute Tucson, 6390 East Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85710.   To Register:  Please register and make payment arrangements through Patrick Moore.  Email is his preferred contact--assemble this: at gmail dot com, healing brain (all one word) or you may call his business line at 623-670-0442.    Repeating:  As always, any classes you've already taken from Patrick, you may repeat for only $25 per day.   Incentives:   take $15 off if you refer a friend, per day, per friend (you could pay your whole tuition by referring friends!) take 5% off if taking any three of the above courses, 10% off if taking four. take 5% off if paying in full by January 1. these incentives may be combined.  Melting Muscles Saturday, upper body.  Sunday, Lower Body.  Monday, Atlas and Axis release.  Choose any one day or take all three.  Includes "Melting Muscles" e-book.  Melting Muscles is a way to communicate safety to the brain, which decides to relax the muscles.  When it is not force, but the person's own brain that chooses relaxation, the muscles release old tensions and remain relaxed.  If you'd like to learn more about Melting Muscles technique, please visit:    

Unwinding Muscles

Tuesday, Includes "Melting Muscles" e-book by Patrick Moore. Preview the method and book at

Muscle Tension was created at some time in the past. The person experienced an event or injury too intense to process in the moment. The person's brain then stored the intensity in the muscles to process later. The tension is stored as a puzzle, just difficult enough that the person won't accidentally re-expereince the injury.

Our job as muscle therapists is to unravel this puzzle in a respectful way that does not overwhelm the person. The skilled therapist allows just the right amount of intensity to seep out of the muscles so that the comfortable person may process at a rate that is perfect for them.

Unwinding Muscles is a method of listening to the muscles which always know just how much they are willing to release at any moment. By following the body's hints, adding actual motion to their cranial motions, and adding muscle massage, you help the body comfortably release what has been wound tight for years or longer.

Unwinding Muscles is the advanced Melting Muscles technique. You may attend Unwinding Muscles without having graduated from the Melting Muscles courses only if you agree to read the included e-book in advance.

Ethics --Creating Equal Relationships

Wednesday, includes handouts, covers Standard V of NCBTMB

A fun way to get your Ethics credits, and valuable for anyone who wants work to be more fun and relaxed. Rather than a list of "Do's" and "Dont's" this ethics class explores more about how to adjust professional relationships to be more equal. Equality not only is more serving, but feels relaxed and friendly. Because therapists (and teachers) are often placed on a pedestal, we'll learn ways to empower the patient or student, (which also accelerates their healing/learning). Sometimes it is the massage practitioner who enters the relationship with less power (for example, in a ritzy spa where the practitioner must call the guest by their last name and only speak when spoken to). In this case, we find ways to empower therapists to rise to equality. This course is taught in the "student-centered" approach of Carl Rogers. We will cover written questionnaires, group discussion, and time for you to share your own working situation if you would like help adjusting your power differential.

Melting Muscles Teacher Training  is offered once per year, this time on Thursday, January 15.  To become a Melting Muscles Teacher, you must first complete the above four classes; Melting Muscles, Atlas and Axis, Muscle Unwinding, and Ethics - Creating Equal Relationships.  This is why six consecutive days--to accommodate those who may be traveling to the courses and/or want to complete Teacher Training at one time.  Melting Muscles Teachers may offer CE hours in partnership with Beyond Education, NCBTMB Education Provider Organization # 396103-00

About Your Teacher, Patrick Moore

Patrick's love for science, nature, and spirituality has been apparent since childhood. He completed a degree in Math from Whitman College and taught Math at Western Washington University. He attended the legendary Brian Utting School of Massage from 1992-94 in Seattle, and has since completed over two thousand hours of continuing education in Cranio Sacral, Osteopathic Technique, Medical Massage, Healing Energy, and Therapeutic Relationship. He has published articles related to the Melting Muscles technique twice in Massage&Bodywork magazine and Massage Therapy Journal (Visit for full text), and has published numerous online articles at . Patrick also loves writing poetry and an upcoming novel. He hosts an ongoing literary reading, with his wife, Traci.

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