Wednesday, November 27, 2019

All-Request 2020 -- You Choose Your Date . . .

Changing How I Set CE Dates -- ALL REQUEST 2020

Effective now, I take your requests for dates for CE workshops. If you’ve ever looked at my calendar (to the right)  you’ve see me list classes sometimes six months out. I have stopped doing that. You won’t see nearly as many workshops listed on my calendar. You may see none listed until this catches on, but don’t worry—I’m still offering CE! Just contact me and be the first one to sign up!

Here is a link to the list of my 53 one-day workshops, in five categories:

20 workshops:  Hands-On-Body Technique.
20 workshops: Group Discussion.
6 workshops: Energy Work.
4 workshops: Self Care.
3 workshops: Teacher Training.

I list all 53 here:

When you want to take another CE workshop with me, here’s what you do:

1. Look through the 53 titles and pick one that you’d love to learn. (Yes, the hours for each title are written in stone. If it’s a 5 hour class we may not stretch it to 6 or shrink it to 3.)
2. Contact me using the contact form (to the right, below ----->
 and tell me a few dates that work for you. Give me some options, like “I’d like to take Melting Muscles Supine 7 hr. I am always free Sundays, and I’d like it to be sometime in February.”
3. Give me at least four weeks in advance. Six weeks would be best. If you want your CE in February, contact me in mid-to-late December.
4. I will reply by email or text, whichever you leave me in the contact form. I will tell you one of two things: either confirming one of the dates you suggested, or giving you other optional dates. With energy and resourcefulness, we will find a date that works for both of us.

I will then post your workshop title and date in my public Google calendar online. This gives other students at least three weeks to join the workshop.

As before, even if nobody else signs up, my minimum is one student so you’ll get your CE.

Alternately, if you don’t like to be the first (or only one) to sign up for a workshop, check my Google calendar (above) to see workshops coming up in the next 3-to-5 weeks that others have already requested. If it’s listed on my Google calendar in 2020 that means at least one other person has registered.

This gives you more choice for the titles you get to learn and more choice for the dates.

This encourages you to plan further ahead for your next CE.

This gives me more freedom for other projects I am working on including writing eBooks, other types of teaching, service, photography, nature and creativity. I like to have a variety of activity in a week, not just all massage stuff.


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