Reiki Level Two Full Course Description



Title: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification

Fee: $300.00 (or $400.00 for both Level I and II when paid by 10 days in advance- you save $100.00) Payment plans available.

How to Register: contact Patrick using the contact form to the right à

Feel free to contact me with questions any time.

Why take Reiki Level II (Okuden)?

In Reiki Level I (Shoden) you already learn how to perceive an effective scan and engage an effective natural healing treatment. Why take Level II?

          Taking Level II deepens your experience and connection with healing energy for even more effective scanning and treatment.

          Level II supports your development as a person.

          Level II supports your spiritual growth.

          Level II is another level of dedication to helping others on this planet.

          You gain even more awareness, perception, meaning, purpose, potential fulfillment and qualty of life for yourself and others.

          More healing of your own past and present for a freer future.

          Greater understanding of how healing works across time and space.

          Greater understanding of mental / emotional, existential or meaning-centered components of healing.

          More spontaneous natural flow of energy in your life, interactions, relationships and creativity.

          The daily lifestyle or routine in harmony with Reiki natural healing energy.

          Responding to life’s sudden challenges with Reiki natural healing energy.

          Using Reiki with your job, career, family & relationships.

          Using Reiki with ongoing concerns or struggles.

          Reiki with natural exercise.

          Reiki with natural eating.

          Using Reiki with leisure, creativity, play, rejuvenation and discovery.

          Using Reiki with other practices.

          Including Intuition in your Reiki treatments.

          In Level II you will learn the purpose and use of the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, and the Distance Symbol.

          In Level II you will learn to give a Healing Empowerment to a seated person.

 Again the majority of our time will be at the tables practicing.

Now you will practice with the three Reiki Level Two Symbols -- the Mental/Emotional symbol, the Power symbol and the Distance symbol. You have the opportunity to experiment with the symbols, to find the way that is compatible with your true nature.

There is more time for Q & A about Essence and the foundation or basis of natural healing, for your questions that may have arisen since your Level One training. 

Prerequisite: To attend Level II you must be certified to Level I from a certified Reiki Master Teacher.



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