Thursday, August 3, 2017

Does the Melting Muscle technique improve forward head and slumping posture problems?

Hi, J…, thanks for contacting me, and good questions!
My opinion is that head forward is not a problem in itself. I have head forward, according to a measurement using a “forward head inclinometer.” As long as it is not causing pain, why fix it?
My opinion is that postures and gestures like head position have more to do with how we want to be seen in the world. To me forward head says, “I’m humble”… which to me makes a person more approachable..
My opinion is that any kind of muscle work, fascia work and so forth to make the posture more “perfect” would not have much luck, or would not last, because you are trying to change his or her posture without changing the person’s self-image. But would you want that part of the person’s self-image?
Still, to answer your question, if all the head forward is, is muscles contracting too much on the front side of the head, yes, melting muscles will relax those muscles. However as soon as the person gets off the table and realizes proprioceptively where his or her head is now, and that is not where the brain wanted the head, the brain will immediately readjust the muscle contraction back to the way it wanted. I believe this would be true of any bodywork.
If the person has pain, that is a different situation. You didn’t ask about pain but only forward head and posture, so I hope this answers your good questions!

Does the Melting Muscle technique improve forward head and slumping posture problems?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Monday's workshop Sculpting the Neck in Clay

Still room for two more students for Monday.



We will be using bake-able clay to sculpt neck vertebrae and muscles.


Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

I will supply nitrile gloves.

Please bring water and snacks.


Workshop location is Patrick Moore home office… Image of driveway below.. When you arrive please pull into the driveway and park on the blacktop. I will meet you there and walk you back to the guest house/office.


You will receive a certificate showing your 4 CE hours for Arizona State and NCBTMB National hours.









Monday, June 19, 2017

Course Title Change

JUNE 2017

       Sunday, June 25, 9:00 a.m.

How We Draw Clients to Our Business (Or Repel Them) -- The Subtleties: Attitude, Doubt, Emotion, Faith, Imagination & Self-Esteem

       5 CE hours, $100.00 (25% off, when paid in full, $75.00, by 10 days prior),

       category: Business/Marketing, Group Discussion.






New Rules for Energy Work CE

Starting Today, the energy work class, How Energy Draws Clients to your Business, no longer counts for CE credit. I am sorry to report this. The NCBTMB just announced that to apply for credit, energy work classes must be “hands-on-body”. My Reiki classes still count for CE. “Distance energy” no longer counts for CE, and the way energy draws clients to your business (or repels them) is a property of distance energy. I still feel this topic is very important for therapists to know about so it is unfortunate that it no longer counts as CE hours.


I have not removed the September date for How Energy Draws Clients to Your Business, but it will be only for your edification: it will not count as CE credit.