What to Expect in your Reiki Level One and Two with Patrick Moore

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Current fee is $500.00 for the two days,
Payment Plan accepted, to fit any budget.
Saturday and Sunday 
Held either in Tucson or Bisbee (see calendar).

What to Expect in your Reiki Level One and Two with Patrick Moore

My Teaching Style:
  • Your questions are encouraged! I do my best to respond thoroughly.
  • Informal style – feel free to interrupt me when you have questions, so you won’t forget your question.
  • I establish and maintain an atmosphere of patience and curiosity without judgment.
  • I really care about you and all the people and animals you will influence for the rest of your life.
  • Students frequently tell me I explain things well.
  • I tailor the discussion to your interests and needs.
Practicing at the Tables in Level One:
  • The majority of time will be practicing at massage tables. 
  • The person receiving will be fully clothed except maybe shoes.
  • You will be shown how to scan and treat the person using both traditional methods and the non-traditional essence balancing and scan approach.
  • You can engage Reiki with your hands lightly touching, hands one inch above, or at any height above the body.
  • Givers and recipients share feedback during sessions. 
  • With your permission I will watch you practice and offer the kind of feedback you want.
  • You walk away from Level One with a proven-effective Reiki scan and treatment.
  • You get to choose what works best for you. 
Discussions in Level One:
  • After practicing at tables, most of the rest of our time is open discussion.
  • You will learn about Mikao Usui, his compassion and his intention for Reiki training. 
  • About Dr. Hayashi and Hawayo Takata. 
  • You will learn how to describe Reiki.
  • You learn to create a healing partnership through your greeting and intake interview.
  • You can do Reiki with humans, wild animals, pets, plants and foods.
  • The importance of dialogue with recipients.  
  • In addition to the Reiki historic tradition, you will learn a basis / foundation of natural healing that you may question and test.
  • I will be clear when we are discussing the traditional approach and non-traditional.
  • Reiki is not a technique to fix people. It is a relationship that helps abundant healing to emerge.
  • Level I is sufficient to give effective Reiki treatments to humans, animals and yourself.
  • Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment. The ethics of Reiki includes encouraging everyone to undergo recommended medical exams, scans & tests and to follow Doctors’ advice for medical procedures. 
  • Quantum physics is one way to explain action at a distance. As a math teacher and voracious reader in many topics, I enjoy these discussions and can probably answer your questions.
Your Experiences in Level One:
  • During the day you will receive the Reiki Attunement / Empowerment.
  • The essential energy is naturally drawn from you, so there is no performance anxiety.
  • The key is essential connection between two willing participants.
  • You will practice in class and feel the healing flow both when you give and receive.
  • Connection from the fundamental essence of you and the other person.
  • You may experiment in class to find the best compatibility with your true self, and get immediate feedback.
  • Plenty of time for your questions and my best efforts to respond thoroughly.
  • Supportive environment with group cohesiveness.
  • The quality of your energy treatments will speak for itself. 
  • Includes support after your class at no charge.

What to Expect during your
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level II, (Okuden) Second Degree Practitioner Certification

Why take Reiki Level II (Okuden)?
In Reiki Level I (Shoden) you already learn how to perceive an effective scan of the body and person, and engage an effective natural healing treatment. Why take Level II?
  • Taking Level II deepens your experience and connection with healing energy.
  • Even more effective scanning and treatment.
  • Level II supports your development as a person.
  • Level II is another level of dedication to helping others on this planet.
  • More healing of your own past and present for a freer future.
  • More spontaneous natural flow of energy in your life, interactions, relationships and creativity.
  • Including Intuition in your Reiki treatments. 
  • Level II supports your spiritual growth.
  • Responding to life’s sudden challenges.
In Level Two you will learn:
  • The purpose and use of the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, and the Distance Symbol. 
  • You will learn to provide essential energy treatments in partnership with the recipient’s participation.
  • Greater understanding of how healing works across time and space.
  • Greater understanding of mental, emotional, existential or meaning-centered components of healing.
  • The daily lifestyle in harmony with Reiki.
  • Using Reiki with your job, career, family & relationships.
  • Using Reiki with ongoing concerns or struggles.
  • Reiki with natural exercise / eating.
  • Using Reiki with leisure, creativity, play, rejuvenation and discovery.
  • Using Reiki with other practices.

Your Experiences in Level Two:
  • More awareness, perception, meaning, purpose, potential fulfillment and qualty of life.
  • The natural balance of yourself with others.
  • Experiencing the three Symbols.
  • Checking for yourself the difference made with the Level Two symbols.
  • Connecting with someone miles away with Reiki natural healing.
  • Receiving the Level Two Attunement or Empowerment. 
  • Time for your questions that may have arisen since your Level One training.
  • More focus on coming from the right place, as the basis of natural healing. 

Prerequisite: To attend Level II you must be certified to Level I from a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

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