Reiki Level One Full Course Description

Title: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level I (Shoden) First Degree Practitioner Certification

Date and Time: Saturday, June 19, 2021, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. With one hour break for lunch, this course provides 5 hours of hands-on continuing education for LMT.

Location: Patrick Moore Home Office, Tucson AZ, a comfy space with natural light and two deluxe spa-massage tables for practicing. This week will be prime time for Saguaro Fruit harvesting in Tucson.

Fee: $200.00 (or $400.00 for both Level I and II when paid by 10 days prior--you save $100.00). Payment plans available.

How to Register: contact Patrick using the contact form to the right à

Feel free to contact me with questions any time.


My Teaching Style:

·         Your questions are encouraged! I do my best to respond thoroughly.

·         Students frequently tell me I explain things well, and enjoyably.

·         I tailor the discussion to your interests and needs.

·         Informal style – feel free to interrupt me when you have questions, so you won’t forget your question.

·         I establish and maintain an atmosphere of patience and curiosity without judgment.

·         I really care about you and all the people and animals you will influence for the rest of your life.


Practicing at the Tables:

·         The majority of time will be practicing at massage tables.

·         You will learn about working at a table including height, bolsters, pillows and blankets.

·         You can engage Reiki with your hands lightly touching, hands above, or at any distance away.

·         The person receiving will be fully clothed except maybe shoes.

·         You will be shown how to scan and treat the person using both traditional methods and the non-traditional essence balancing and scan approach, and choose what works best for you.

·         The person receiving Reiki from you can give you feedback during and/or after your sessions.

·         You also learn from receiving and giving feedback to the people giving you Reiki.

·         With your permission I will watch you practice and offer the kind of feedback you want.

·         You walk away from Level One with a proven-effective Reiki scan and treatment.



·         After practicing at tables, most of the rest of our time is open discussion.

·         You will learn how to describe Reiki.

·         You learn to create a healing partnership through your greeting and intake interview.

·         You can do Reiki with humans, wild animals, pets, plants and foods.

·         After each practice at the tables there is time for Q & A.

·         You will learn why dialogue with a person before and after their session is perhaps as important for their long-term healing as the table time, or more.

·         You will learn about Mikao Usui, his compassion and his intention for Reiki training, Dr. Hayashi and Hawayo Takata.

·         In addition to the Reiki historic tradition, you will learn a basis / foundation of natural healing that you may question and test.

·         I will be clear when we are discussing the traditional approach and non-traditional.

·         Reiki is not a way to fix people. It is a relationship that helps abundant healing to emerge.

·         Level I is sufficient to give effective Reiki treatments to humans, animals and yourself.

·         Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment. The ethics of Reiki includes encouraging everyone to undergo recommended medical exams, scans & tests and to follow Doctors’ advice for medical procedures.

·         Quantum physics is one way to explain action at a distance. As a math teacher and voracious reader in many topics, I enjoy these discussions and can probably answer your questions.


During the day you will receive the Reiki Attunement / Empowerment.


·         You will learn to provide essential energy treatments in partnership with the recipient’s participation.

·         The essential energy is naturally drawn from you, so there is no performance anxiety.

·         The key is essential connection between two willing participants.

·         You will practice in class and feel the healing flow both when you give and receive.

·         Connection from the fundamental essence of you and the other person.

·         You may experiment in class to find the best compatibility with your true self, and get immediate feedback.

·         Plenty of time for your questions and my best efforts to respond thoroughly.

·         Supportive environment with group cohesiveness.

·         The quality of your energy treatments will speak for itself.

·         Includes support after your class at no charge.

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