Workshop Calendar / How to Register

This calendar shows workshops with Patrick Moore that are currently scheduled (and past workshops back a decade). To register for a workshop listed here, contact me using the widget -->

If you do not see a workshop you want listed here, don't worry! These days I await requests from you. Scan through the List of Approved Workshop Titles and contact me using the contact to the right -->
We can email or talk by phone and come up with dates for the workshop you want, when you want it. Once it is listed here, others may also join. 

Currently the minimum for workshops is 2 students. Masks are currently required.
At the NW Tucson Home Office the current maximum is 4 students.


I can also host workshops at  Bisbee Alternative Therapies where the maximum could be higher in the much larger space.  

The weather in Arizona is often nice enough to host part of the day outdoors.

Masks required in the office except for people who are face down in the face cradle

53 CE titles are certified by NCBTMB. There are three ways to see the list of my available CE titles. You can go to the NCBTMB provider website and type in Tucson. You can go directly to my presence at NCBTMB

Eight of my CE workshops have been adapted to Video Webinar format during COVID-19, approved by NCBTMB:
Minimum 2 students, maximum 6. Your participation is encouraged so make sure your camera and microphone are turned on. 

How I Schedule CE Workshops: In past years I scheduled workshops six months in advance and waited to see who signed up. That worked in years when the economy was good and no pandemics. 

A couple years ago I moved toward an All Request format, where I encouraged past students on my MailChimp Newsletter (sign up here) to choose classes they wanted. Now I do some of both. At the top of the page  you see a calendar that has workshops that are already scheduled. You also have the option to contact me to request a workshop title and date range. 

Once you have decided whether you want a Video or In Person CE workshop, and you have chosen your favorite CE Titles, please use the Contact Form (to the right) to let me know of your interest and we will talk more about scheduling your workshops. I like to schedule them at least 3 weeks from today to give a chance for others to join. Class minimum is now two students. You will be refunded 100% of your tuition if another student does not sign up by 5 days prior to your class. If you need the class for certification you can pay double for a one-person class. There is a discount for paying in full 10 days prior. 

Questions? Please contact me using the contact form above-right. 

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