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Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level III Third Degree (Shinpi Den), Reiki Master Teacher Certification


  • Reiki I and II certification from a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Times / Fees

Day One: REIKI LEVEL THREE (SHINDEN – SHINPIDEN) REIKI MASTER, – Now Includes Reiki Empowerments.



     $700.00 for two days ($600 when paid in full 14 days early. Payment Plan Available.)

     Provides 6 CE hours for Category: Teacher Training.


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Benefits of completing the Third and Final Reiki level (Shinpi Den) also called Reiki Master:

  • Provides you with the complete foundation for confidence teaching Reiki and providing healing treatments.
  • You can train your own Reiki students.
  • You learn to give Reiki Attunements / Reiki Empowerments... both for making them Reiki Practitioners for all three levels and for a special healing connection  called a “healing attunement” or healing empowerment.   
  • You will be certified by someone who has trained about a hundred Reiki practitioners and about a thousand licensed massage therapists in 13 U.S. States since 2001.

The two-day class / workshop also includes:

  • More time discussing your heightened perceptions of energy, including intuition, in the service of others and yourself equally.
  • Combines the thorough traditional material AND additional essential foundation for teaching, attuning and energizing others.
  • Prepares you for the life of a person in healing and service including understanding likely challenges.  

Q: What if I don’t want to teach? Can I still take the Level Three Reiki Master/Teacher Class?

A: Yes! There are personal and spiritual benefits for your own life, even if you do not choose to teach.


Upon successful completion of this class you are certified as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher. This is the highest level for Reiki students. Once you have taught your first class you may call yourself a Reiki Master Teacher and use “RMT” after your name in your marketing materials.

Topics that may be included in this two-day certification class:

  • Review of Level I and Level II.
  • How to give Reiki attunements/empowerments for Reiki I & II and Reiki Master Teacher.
  • How to give the healing empowerment.
  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.
  • Improving your intuition to use when giving Reiki treatments. How to inhibit and enhance your intuition.
  • Embracing the Usui Master attunements/empowerments which increase the strength of your Reiki energy.
  • Practicing all levels and both types of attunements/empowerments on each other.
  • The Level III Reiki Master symbols, learn their specific uses, how to draw and pronounce.
  • Practice the two Level III symbols while giving and receiving Reiki treatments.
  • Understand what and how to teach each Reiki level.
  • Reiki concepts and ethics.
  • Legal and marketing aspects.
  • Presentation of Reiki Master Certificate.

Overview of Reiki Classes and Patrick's Teaching Style

You can find a qualified Reiki Master Teacher almost anywhere. You can now receive your Reiki certification through zoom or distance learning. The difference in my Reiki certification classes is the emphasis on effectiveness. What is it, that makes the healing treatments practically limitless? What is it that stimulates your insight and enlightenment? Along with the complete tradition as it has been handed down, you will also learn a nontraditional foundation of compassion and essence.

Do you want to explore the essence and purpose of your life?

The way I present Reiki is a way to resume your life path and follow your life purpose with compassion & enlightenment.

Compassion inspires your enlightenment, fulfillment and development.

You will learn how to serve others in a meaningful way.

This approach to teaching Reiki provides opportunities for you to know your essence and the directions of your life paths.

This approach also guides you to trust and follow your intuition and creativity.

I provide further opportunities to support your understanding, indefinitely without a fee after your class. I want you to have the best knowledge, skills, and effectiveness in providing Reiki treatments for people, our animal companions and yourself.

I am adding updated Reiki knowledge and sophisticated treatment methods as I learn more and more over the years since I began teaching Reiki in 2001.

The classes are small and non-threatening. There is time for lunch and numerous breaks.

Students frequently say I am patient and I make them feel safe to ask questions and learn. They say I am able to explain complex things in a way they can really understand. I am also a math teacher and I read voraciously in many areas to supplement your understanding.

Register soon to reserve your spot in the small classes (max 4 students).

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