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  1. All bodywork is Clothed.
  2. Therapies Offered / Therapeutic Approach.
  3. What is Melting Muscles?
  4. Pricing, including sliding scale options.

1. Clothed Bodywork with Patrick Moore LMT

The first thing you should know is, I do all bodywork clothed. Keeping your clothing on, helps your brain feel safer, so your muscles relax more. I have published a book about the benefits of clothed massage (and two other books) available on Amazon.

To make an appointment, ask a question or make a time for our free phone consultation, please use the CONTACT FORM .

We can do bodywork outdoors when the weather permits. I have a nice home-office in NW Tucson that is a small building that stands off of the house. Major cross streets are La Canada and Ina.

I offer clothed bodywork also at Bisbee Holistic Wellness Center as well. 

2. Therapies Offered / Therapeutic Approach

I specialize in people who have tried other therapies. 

I offer clothed bodywork, Reiki and healing energy, with hands on, hands-above the body and at a distance by phone. I offer phone sessions to talk about all kinds of things.

In your session you may bring a friend or loved one to sit in the session with you. We can leave the door open. I will introduce you to my wife if she is around. You will be clothed. 

I offer many bodywork approaches, some that I discovered or re-discovered:

  • Athletic, or range of motion ROM increase therapy (learned from Rich Phaigh, also called Onsentherapy).
  • Craniosacral (learned from Dr. Bruno Ducoux from Bordeaux France).
  • Ice massage (after Dr. James Cyriax and Ben Benjamin).
  • Injury Evaluation and Medical Massage treatment. I was a "preferred provider" on Blue Cross/Blue Shield from 1995-1999.
  • Melting Muscles (a method I first published in 2002).
  • Compassionate listening and essence connection, learned from Stephen Bruno.
  • Somato-emotional / Visceral release (like craniosacral on the abdominal organs) also learned from Bruno Ducoux.
  • Treatment of the atlas and axis (my teaching specialty).
  • Unwinding, especially unwinding the atlas and axis. (YouTube has videos of me teaching this method at a class for therapists.
  • Brain balancing, a hands-on-head method I developed. I have attended classes given by Osteopaths and Physical Therapists on their brain methods but I like mine better.

I often treat these conditions with good results:

  • Headaches and jaw tension.
  • Hip tension and low back pain.
  • Injury assessment, to rule things out you should be seeing a doctor for, instead of me, and to form a treatment plan.
  • Neck pain, stiffness and lost ability to turn head.
  • Tendinitis treatment of wrists, elbows, shoulder rotator-cuff tendons, knee and ankle tendons and ligaments and plantar fascitis, including ice-therapy.

Benefits of this approach:

  • You feel more optimistic, lighter and freer.
  • Your body has more mobility, capability, flexibility and less pain.
  • You feel cared for, and heard.
  • Calm and awake, curious and interested.

Talking.  While you are on the table I don't encourage people to fall asleep. Instead, I occasionally ask, "Can you feel this changing?" Because as you are aware of your changes, and you speak them aloud, they will be more real and lasting for you. I like to have some dialogue with you before and after your session to see what you need and how it is working. 

Deep Tissue. In the 1990s I practiced deep tissue. I still teach deep tissue using the elbow to be sensitive and provide a sustained pressure you can relax into. I do not immediately go deep but take time to communicate with your muscles. It has been decades since someone was sore after bodywork with me. 

Therapeutic/ Medical. In the 1990s I was a Preferred Provider (of massage therapy) for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington, Group Health and Providian. I billed the Department of Labor and Industries for on-job injuries. I billed car insurance for automobile injuries. I have extensive training in assessment, medical massage, tendinitis treatment and other things normally within the Physical Therapist scope. I have attended workshops and done student-observations with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Osteopathic Doctors. 

Seven Effects of Essence: I aim to be seven things during our sessions and in all communications before and after your session: unconditionally compassionate, non-self-important, nonjudmental, curious, patient, present and vulnerable. I will do my best to create an equal partnership rather than fix you. I will do my part of our partnership which includes bringing you knowledge, insight, guidance, perspectives and other things you might not have been aware of. 

Energy and Beyond: I have received extensive training from Stephen Bruno, practiced with Reiki, healing energy, subatomic, down to Platonic substance and essence, and I continue to read voraciously and study so that I may bring even more influences for your health and benefit. 

Usually it is to your benefit to have regular sessions for a while until you stabilize with a new balance that you can maintain. 

3. How Melting Muscles Works


The article, "Melting Muscles" was first published in 2002 in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, then in 2003 in Massage Therapy Journal. Now you can purchase the book at Amazon

Melting Muscles is a comfortable method that helps with:

  • Frozen Shoulder and other Rotator Cuff problems.
  • Atlas and Axis, or difficulty rotating your head.
  • Low Back Pain including hips, sacrum and pelvis.
  • Neck Pain including stiffness.
  • Joint stiffness, soreness and pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Tendinitis (Tendonitis) or bits of scar tissue from overuse or from a fall or from an injury.
  • Accident recovery and job injuries.
  • Old traumas, guarding and tension.
  • Resolving your conflicts and issues that show up as muscle tension.
  • Headaches and jaw tension.
  • Wrist and thumb pain, and other ailments from overuse of computers and devices.

     Melting Muscles can be done with very light pressure and works fine with light-to-medium firm pressure. But it can also work with strong pressure if that is your preference. Its not that more pressure works better, its more about what your subconscious brain wants, in order to feel safe, than about your conscious preference.

     “Why is this muscle tight?” People ask me this all the time. Your muscle is tight because your brain once felt defensive about something, experienced a conflict or a risk, so your brain activated muscle guarding. Muscle guarding is one of your brain’s defense mechanisms, to protect the body and person. The brain makes muscles tighter in order to armor the body, to reduce mobility, to inhibit action, or to harden the outer muscles to protect the inner soft stuff. The brain will enact muscle guarding both for physical dangers and for symbolic or emotional perceived threats.

     Muscle guarding is actually increased voltage the brain is sending to the muscles. If you had Biology class in High School, you might have connected a battery to a frog’s leg, to see that muscles contract when voltage is applied.

     "How can we get the brain to resolve the tension, or reduce the voltage?" A number of ways. Clothing helps the brain feel safer. Melting Muscles is a technique specifically designed to help the brain feel safer. Craniosacral, unwinding and Reiki are also perceived by the brain as very safe, because they are so gentle. Counseling or Life Coaching, that helps the brain to resolve the original conflict, is probably the best way to permanently resolve the things that cause muscle tension.

     Muscles will soften in the moment. I can feel a muscle sinking, softening and melting. When I mention this to you, you may also feel it sinking. When this happens, this is evidence your brain must be feeling safer. Softening means the brain is reducing the voltage to the muscle. The brain wouldn’t reduce the guarding, unless it was feeling safer. It may mean you are resolving the conflict.      Wouldn’t that be cool if you could resolve the original issue, just through bodywork?

4. Bodywork Fees:

Free Email Consultation: Ask me a question using the contact form and I will respond by email. Free.

Free Phone Consultation: Use the contact form so we can set a time to talk 15 minutes, your concerns, my responses. Free.

I have given many hours of free services including volunteering for several community service organizations. I enjoy helping people and do so whenever I can.

Sliding Scale. We can find a price that works for you. I have never turned anyone away for lack of funds.

The fee is the same whether you are receiving hands-on-body, hands-above energy work or talking sessions. 

60 minutes $130.00

Please have check ready in advance. Please write your check to "Patrick Moore LMT". You may also pay in advance using PayPal. 

Please, no gratuities. Instead of a gratuity, when you’d like to show your thanks please write testimonials online (or comments below) describing your before/after changes or other things you valued about the session.

I recommend regular weekly sessions until you get the changes you want. So I offer discounts when you decide on sessions in advance:

Four 60-minute Session 15% discount.

Ten 60-minute Sessions 30% discount.

To make an appointment, please use the contact form in the upper right column.

For table work please wear Comfy Clothes.

Questions? Please contact me using the contact form


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