Bodywork with Patrick Moore LMT BA in Tucson or Phoenix AZ

Welcome to Melting Muscles! 

I hope your reading this page helps your muscles relax a little. 

This page is for those curious about receiving bodywork from me in Tucson, Arizona or in Phoenix.

On this page: 

  1. About the clothed bodywork I do, including methods and videos.
  2. My therapeutic approach is gentle, slow and responsive to your needs.
  3. Energy work on the table.
  4. Life-coaching option, on the table, seated face to face or by phone, for health issues, personal discovery or spiritual growth.
  5. More about Melting Muscles, how it works (the brain relaxes the muscle).
  6. Pricing, including sliding scale options.

1. Clothed Bodywork with Patrick Moore LMT BA

The first thing you should know is, I do all bodywork clothed. Keeping your clothing on, helps your brain feel safer, so your muscles relax more. I am writing an eBook about the benefits of clothed massage that will be available on Amazon soon. 
We can do bodywork outdoors when the weather permits. I have a nice home-office that is a small building that stands off of the house. 

I offer many bodywork approaches, and I also invent new ones:

  • Athletic, or range of motion ROM increase therapy (learned from Rich Phaigh, also called Onsentherapy).
  • Craniosacral (learned from Dr. Bruno Ducoux from Bordeaux France).
  • Ice massage (after Dr. James Cyriax and Ben Benjamin).
  • Medical massage treatment. I was a "preferred provider" on Blue Cross/Blue Shield from 1995-1999.
  • Melting Muscles (a method I first published in 2002).
  • Client-communication, Reiki and compassion, learned from Stephen Bruno.
  • Somato-emotional release also learned from Bruno Ducoux.
  • Treatment of the atlas and axis (my teaching specialty).
  • Unwinding, especially unwinding the atlas and axis. (click on video of me teaching this method at a class for therapists.
Here are two videos of me doing Melting Muscles in my home office with Traci and Aaron:

I often treat these conditions with good results:

  • Headaches and jaw tension.
  • Hip tension and low back pain.
  • Injury assessment.
  • Neck pain, stiffness and lost ability to turn head.
  • Tendinitis treatment of wrists, elbows, shoulder rotator-cuff tendons, knee and ankle tendons and ligaments and plantar fascitis, including ice-therapy.

To make an appointment, or to make time for your free phone consutation, please use the CONTACT FORM on this page, above, on the right.

2. My Therapeutic Approach

In my 3rd year practicing I happened to be working in the same clinic as Stephen Bruno, a counselor and workshop leader who had been practicing since 1970. I began receiving something like profession-supervision from him which has guided my therapeutic approach ever since.

I believe each person has an essence of largely untapped potential. I believe the people who are normal and secure in the culture, may have satisfied lives but will not be likely to seek this store of inner wisdom, healing, creativity and compassion. Those of us who have experienced trauma, injuries, disease or have otherwise missed the normal life expectations, are the lucky ones in my opinion. As uncomfortable as our process is, we get to go beyond what is normal, to what is natural and truly fulfilling, to make discoveries the others overlook, to see beauty that others miss, and to have deeper understanding of life's meaning.

My touch is far more gentle than is trained in the schools (though it can also be deep but gently deep), to ask you more questions, and to stimulate you to be all that you can be.

While I have been trained by a counselor I do not counsel--I am more curious about your current life and future than in your past, and I think we can make much progress without exposing any past memories or issues. If I come to think you are one of the rarer people who require counseling for your past issues, in addition to or instead of the bodywork, energy, craniosacral or life coaching I can provide, I will recommend that for you.       

That said, I do want to talk with you intermittently throughout your session, to hear how you are feeling with the touch, how you are interpreting your changes in the moment and what you expect in the future.

I aim to be unconditionally compassionate, non-self-important, nonjudmental, curious, patient, present and vulnerable during your sessions. I aim to activate my essence to connect with your essence during your session, which allows healing on a more basic level so that your very cells and atoms have changed.

Most people who receive a session in which I have achieved these aims, feel very calm, light, free and clear after a session, perhaps with some insight or enlightenment.

It is not my intention to sell you more sessions for my benefit, but often it is to your benefit to have regular sessions for a while until you stabilize with a new perspective that you can maintain.

3. Energy Work

Energy work is not really an electrical charge or invisible fluid that I send and you receive. Energy is any number of different processes which I activate and your body responds to, with or without very light physical touch. Energy can reach any tissues of your body, on any level including subatomic and more basic even than that.

The most effective ways for me to activate healing energy effects is by being unconditionally compassionate, and/or by activating my connection with you through our essences. I have been learning these methods from Stephen Bruno and practicing since 1996. 

4. Life Coaching Option 

Bodywork may be combined with Life Coaching or Health Coaching. We can talk about the very challenges that made your muscles tense in the first place, as your muscles are melting. Let me know when you arrive, or during our free phone consultation, how much you want to talk about your tension. 

I also offer life-coaching by phone. Your voice gives me a physical contact for me to assess your tension level and apply the relaxing effect through my voice back to you. 

I have found after doing bodywork since the early 1990s that, much tension is either caused or reinforced by the way the person interprets events in the current situation. For example, when I judge or criticize others I tend to get more jaw tension. I learned this about myself through life coaching that I have received, and these insights have been so much value to me and my loved ones that I'd like to offer the same life-changing insights for you. 

More about my life coaching services here

5. How Melting Muscles Works

Melting Muscles is a comfortable method that helps with:
  • Frozen Shoulder and other Rotator Cuff problems.
  • Atlas and Axis, or difficulty rotating your head.
  • Low Back Pain including hips, sacrum and pelvis.
  • Neck Pain including stiffness.
  • Joint stiffness, soreness and pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Tendinitis (Tendonitis) or bits of scar tissue from overuse or from a fall or from an injury.
  • Accident recovery and job injuries.
  • Old traumas, guarding and tension.
  • Resolving your conflicts and issues that show up as muscle tension.
  • Headaches and jaw tension.
  • Wrist and thumb pain, and other ailments from overuse of computers and devices.

     Melting Muscles can be done with very light pressure and works fine with light-to-medium firm pressure. But it can also work with strong pressure if that is your preference. Its not that more pressure works better, its more about what your subconscious brain wants, in order to feel safe, than about your conscious preference.

     “Why is this muscle tight?” People ask me this all the time. Your muscle is tight because your brain once felt defensive about something, experienced a conflict or a risk, so your brain activated muscle guarding. Muscle guarding is one of your brain’s defense mechanisms, to protect the body and person. The brain makes muscles tighter in order to armor the body, to reduce mobility, to inhibit action, or to harden the outer muscles to protect the inner soft stuff. The brain will enact muscle guarding both for physical dangers and for symbolic or emotional perceived threats.

     Muscle guarding is actually increased voltage the brain is sending to the muscles. If you had Biology class in High School, you might have connected a battery to a frog’s leg, to see that muscles contract when voltage is applied.

     "How can we get the brain to resolve the tension, or reduce the voltage?" A number of ways. Clothing helps the brain feel safer. Melting Muscles is a technique specifically designed to help the brain feel safer. Craniosacral, unwinding and Reiki are also perceived by the brain as very safe, because they are so gentle. Counseling or Life Coaching, that helps the brain to resolve the original conflict, is probably the best way to permanently resolve the things that cause muscle tension.

     Muscles will soften in the moment. I can feel a muscle sinking, softening and melting. When I mention this to you, you may also feel it sinking. When this happens, this is evidence your brain must be feeling safer. Softening means the brain is reducing the voltage to the muscle. The brain wouldn’t reduce the guarding, unless it was feeling safer. It may mean you are resolving the conflict.      Wouldn’t that be cool if you could resolve the original issue, just through bodywork?


Free Services

Email Consultation: Ask me a question using the contact form and I will respond by email. Free.

Phone Consultation: Use the contact form so we can set a time to talk 15 minutes, your concerns, my responses. Free.

I have given many hours of free services including volunteering for several community service organizations. I enjoy helping people and do so whenever I can.

TABLE WORK (all clothed) PRICING

(same prices for bodywork, combined bodywork with energy, with coaching, standalone energy work, or phone coaching.)

60 minutes $100.00

Four 60-minute Session 15% discount.

Ten 60-minute Sessions 30% discount.

Please have check ready in advance or pay in advance using PayPal. I recommend regular weekly sessions. Please, no gratuities. Instead of a gratuity, when you’d like to show your thanks please write testimonials online (or comments below) describing your before/after changes or other things you valued about the session.

Sliding scale is available to those who need a reduced price in order to have regular ongoing sessions (once per month, say every first Saturday, or once per week at the same day/time). Please ask during your consultation so we can find a balance prior to the session.

To make an appointment, please use the contact form in the upper right column.

For table work please wear Comfy Clothes.

Examples of Possible Sessions


I Find the tight muscles and press them in the precise way that stimulates your brain to resolve the tension. Pressure can be very light to very deep depending on two things: your conscious preference and how your subconscious brain responds. Your muscles relax noticeably in the first minute! Your muscles continue sinking, softening, and melting in each minute of your session so you feel very different when you stand up again — lighter and freer. Results last, because it was your own brain that decided to resolve its previous guarding.


I first published this super-gentle method of resolving neck tension in 2003 in Massage Therapy Journal. Since then I have taught it to several hundred therapists around the U.S. and helped a thousand necks to resolve tensions.

If you had x-ray vision, and you were under the table looking up during Unwinding the Atlas and Axis, this is what you would see...


Balances your energy to the way you were created. Helps you to be the unique person you were designed to be. Always includes at least one of the 7 things taught by my mentor Stephen Bruno: unconditional compassion, non-self-importance, nonjudgment, presence, patience, vulnerability and curiosity. Your choice if you’d like me to hold my hands a few inches above your body not touching, or to lay my hands very gently on your body.

A Reiki Level II Student doing the Connect-With-Essence method.


My hands resting ever-so-lightly on your bones and following your inherent movement so slowly, you might not be able to consciously detect the motion. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic to balance the subconscious tensions. Can be applied to any bones, joints, muscles or organs in the body, including the brain. Improves the range of motion, circulation and nerve innervation of any tissues involved.

Those with TBI, head injuries, and PTSD may benefit from Touching The Brain sessions. 

7. Teaching

I also teach all the above modalities if you'd like to learn! I allow people who are not therapists to join in classes. Class schedule at 

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